Calibrate Conversations
20 Questions About Sexuality

In today’s episode, Brady tackles tough questions from a youth group Q&A session, offering the same answers and insights to our listeners. It’s an eye-opening look at the depth of sexual struggles among today’s youth, highlighting the urgency for open dialogue within the church.


(00:16) – Guidance on Combating Unhealthy Sexual Desires

 (12:03) – Responsibility, Modesty, Singleness, LGBTQ Evangelism

 (21:12) – Understanding Homosexuality in Christianity

 (36:55) – Navigating LGBTQ Issues in Christianity

 (49:47) – Loving LGBTQ Individuals With Grace

 (56:16) – Navigating Sexual Identity and Relationships

Join us weekly as we strive help people embrace God’s standard for sexuality! 

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