Calibrate Conversations
Calibrate Conversations
5 Disciplines Of A Healthy, Biblical Man w/ Dustin Alley

What happens when a dedicated pastor, educator, and community leader like Pastor Dustin Alley faces the brink of exhaustion? Join us on Calibrate Conversations as Dustin shares his transformative journey from near burnout to spiritual renewal through the powerful scripture of John 15:3-4. Discover how this revelation redefined his mission and fueled his passion for the Men After God Network, aimed at fostering better husbands, fathers, and community leaders for God’s kingdom.

Faith is a dynamic journey, much like marriage, requiring intentional and varied practices to maintain vibrancy. Pastor Dustin reflects on the evolving nature of one’s relationship with Jesus and the crucial balance needed to avoid spiritual burnout. This episode highlights the beauty of diverse spiritual practices, whether through worship, prayer, or just being in God’s presence, and the importance of understanding one’s personal identity in Christ. Learn how different personalities can harmoniously contribute to the faith community, enhancing the strength of the church and its mission.

Family devotion and emotional connection take center stage as we discuss the vital role fathers play in their children’s spiritual and emotional growth. Pastor Dustin shares practical examples of intentional family time, emphasizing the significance of listening to and supporting teenagers, especially as they navigate challenges like sexual identity. This episode underscores the necessity of serving others while prioritizing self-care to prevent burnout, offering valuable insights for building strong family bonds and fostering personal growth within the local church and community.


(00:16) Embracing God’s Standard for Sexuality

(13:22) Deepening Your Relationship With Jesus

(19:35) Family Devotion and Emotional Connection

(29:28) Importance of Family, Listening, and Self-Care

(41:31) Importance of Serving and Resting

Join us weekly as we strive help people embrace God’s standard for sexuality! 

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