Calibrate Conversations
Calibrate Conversations
Cults, Ideologies, & Parenting In A DEVIOUS Culture

Growing up near the echo of sirens and the chaos of the streets, Dr. Chris Featherstone’s path from agnosticism to faith is as compelling as it is enlightening. His story, interwoven with deep dives into forensic psychology, theology, psychotherapy, and criminal justice, speaks to the transformative power of adversity. On our latest podcast, Dr. Featherstone joins me to discuss how such challenges can become the crucible for discovering purpose, with a special focus on how God’s standards can profoundly shape our views on sexuality and culture.

The mind’s landscape can be as enigmatic as it is prone to manipulation, something Dr. Featherstone knows all too well. Together, we uncover the psychological intricacies of cult behavior and belief systems, exploring why people from all walks of life may be drawn into these communities. We reflect on the healing from church hurt, maintaining faith through community, and the delicate act of questioning beliefs without losing one’s spiritual anchor. This segment is an eye-opening journey through the psychology of personal conviction and the importance of discernment in faith.

Venturing into the digital epoch, where teenagers are bombarded with countless influences, Dr. Featherstone and I share insights on parenting in such a complex era. We emphasize the necessity of authoritative guidance and strong family ties to help young individuals navigate their identities and relationships. By presenting servant leadership and the sacrificial love exemplified by Jesus, we discuss strategies for raising children who not only honor their families but are also equipped to embark on their transformative journeys. Join us for this heartening exploration of faith, purpose, and the indelible impact of aligning with divine standards in every facet of our lives.

Join us weekly as we strive help people embrace God’s standard for sexuality! 


(00:16) Finding Faith and Purpose Through Adversity

(09:59) The Psychology of Cults and Belief

(17:55) Exploring Cult Dynamics and Psychological Manipulation

(31:00) Recognizing Cult Dynamics and Belongingness

(40:05) Parenting and Teenagers in Modern Society

(49:04) Parenting Philosophy and Setting Standards

(54:57) Raising Sons to Love and Respect

(01:10:53) Embracing God’s Standards for Sexuality

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