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Framework For Biblical Masculinity w/ Anthony Curnutt

This week, I welcome Anthony Curnutt back to Calibrate Conversations for an enlightening discussion on his latest work, “Framework for Biblical Masculinity.” Anthony’s unique perspective, shaped by his blue-collar roots, cuts through the cultural confusion surrounding masculinity. We tackle the tough questions about what it means to be a man of God in today’s world and the pressing need for a discipleship tool that can lead men to fulfill their roles as husbands and fathers. 

Anthony’s journey from a self-proclaimed “community college dropout” to an inspiring author is a testament to the glory of God and serves as an encouragement for all men on their spiritual paths.  Listen in as we explore the concept of biblical masculinity and the crisis it faces in contemporary society. From the influence of the feminist movement and the sexual revolution to the distorted societal expectations of men, we dissect how these factors have left many men grappling with their identities. The conversation doesn’t stop there; we dive into the heart of male leadership and servanthood, as exemplified by Jesus Christ. Understand the importance of community, accountability, and finding one’s identity in Christ for fostering a biblical masculinity that blesses families and society at large.  

The path to healing emotional wounds is a silent struggle for many men, and we confront this reality head-on. Sharing personal stories and insights, we address the power of forgiveness, both in giving and receiving, and the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding us through vulnerability. Anthony and I discuss the necessity of addressing childhood traumas, breaking cycles of emotional unavailability, and guiding our children through their own emotional journeys. By embracing grace and understanding within our relationships, we underline the importance of building trust and deep connections. Don’t miss out on this powerful episode that aims to equip men with the tools to develop a biblical understanding of masculinity.

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(00:16) – Embracing Biblical Masculinity in Culture

 (07:20) – Rediscovering Biblical Masculinity and Community

 (14:35) – Masculinity and Biblical Manhood in Servanthood

 (28:49) – Exploring Men’s Emotional Wounds

 (34:34) – Healing From Unspoken Wounds

 (43:08) – Understanding Grace and Biblical Masculinity

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