Calibrate Conversations
Calibrate Conversations
Gender Identity: Biblical Truths and the Path to Redemption

Gender isn’t a social construct—it’s a divine design. Join us on Calibrate Conversations as we confront the contentious issue of gender identity through the unwavering lens of biblical truth. Our exploration begins with the foundational narrative in Genesis, affirming that God intentionally created humanity as male and female. We dissect modern distinctions between gender and biological sex, countering prevalent lies of the transgender movement with scriptural truths, underscoring the significance of adhering to God’s divine order in our lives.

As we navigate the complexities of identity in today’s society, we draw from Carl Trueman’s “Strange New World” to critique the modern shift towards self-discovery and immediate gender affirmation. Historically, identity was shaped by external factors such as family and religion, but now it’s driven by internal feelings, leading to instability. By comparing past practices of “watchful waiting” to the current trend of rushed transitions, we advocate for a more thoughtful, scientifically grounded approach that prioritizes internal understanding over external changes.

In the latter part of our discussion, we emphasize the transformative power of redemption through Christ. Addressing the embodiment of gender, we highlight the physical and spiritual aspects of human identity, drawing from biblical passages and the hope of resurrection. We wrap up with a call to compassion, urging prayers and community support for those struggling with gender dysphoria. Listen in as we explore how aligning with God’s standard for sexuality can lead to true healing and inner renewal, offering hope and restoration in Christ.


(00:16) Challenging Gender Identity Lies and Truths

(10:21) The Disturbing Truth About Gender Transition

(19:51) Navigating Gender Identity and Biblical Truths

(25:27) The Embodiment of Gender Identity

(36:57) The Transformative Power of Redemption

(48:40) Embracing Identity in Christ

(59:12) Prayer for Gender Identity Restoration

Join us weekly as we strive help people embrace God’s standard for sexuality! 

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