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How To Love Same-Sex Couples With Kids WELL

Listen in as I tackle the delicate and profound topic of same-sex couples with children within the church community. We explore the intricate journey these families may face, particularly the pursuit of repentance and the challenges of maintaining family stability during such transitions. I share insights on the imperative of parents to model a life of repentance and find their fulfillment in Jesus, emphasizing the church’s role in providing unwavering support, love, and guidance during these transformative times. This conversation also touches upon the parallels between same-sex families and other non-traditional family structures, reinforcing the message that God’s grace abounds where the family ideal is not met.  

As we continue, we delve into the emotional complexities that can arise when one partner in a same-sex relationship seeks to deepen their relationship with Christ. This often leads to difficult decisions regarding separation and the potential for custody disputes over children. I discuss the importance of gospel repentance and the church’s commitment to creating a stable, nurturing environment for all involved. We consider the painful sacrifices that may be required but conclude with a reminder of the hope and better future that Jesus promises. Tune in for an honest and compassionate examination of these sensitive issues, as we reaffirm our dedication to spreading the gospel and engaging in ministry that bridges the gaps in the lives of both adults and children.


(00:16) – Navigating Same-Sex Couples in Church

 (08:15) – Navigating Repentance in Same-Sex Relationships

 (14:56) – Spreading Gospel and Engaging Ministry

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