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LGBTQ Parents And The Rise Of Surrogacy

In this episode, we explore the recent trend of surrogacy and its popularity among same-sex couples. We navigate the often complex landscape of this modern approach to starting a family, highlighting the fact that although these families may not fit the traditional model, they still require an egg from a mother and a sperm from a father to bring a child into the world. 

The episode doesn’t stop there, we also talk about the significant roles of both parents in a child’s life and how it shapes them. Drawing attention to the fact that children who grow up without a father or mother face numerous challenges, we encourage compassion and understanding towards these situations. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of not holding a child accountable for the circumstances of their birth or the choices of their parents. Tune in as we underscore the need for believers to invest in these families, demonstrating love and support and, most importantly, sharing the message of God’s redemption, hope, and grace.

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