Calibrate Conversations
Calibrate Conversations

Can memes really reflect our deepest beliefs? Join us on this insightful episode of Calibrate Conversations as we unpack the intersection of LGBTQ theology and modern expressions of sexuality during Pride Month. We begin by analyzing the significance of memes from both LGBTQ and Christian perspectives, uncovering their theological implications. From discussing the notion that God made trans people to participate in creation to critiquing the “Sparkle Creed,” we emphasize the necessity of aligning our beliefs with biblical teachings and the transformative power of the gospel.

In our second segment, we tackle the delicate art of communicating about sensitive issues, especially online and within personal relationships. We emphasize the importance of timing, tone, and context, providing practical advice on how to navigate difficult conversations—whether addressing a loved one’s struggles with sin or interacting on social media. By scrutinizing harsh memes and comments, we challenge whether these truly bring people closer to Jesus or inadvertently harm relationships and witness.

Finally, we confront the sensitive topic of LGBTQ pride from a Christian perspective, exploring the biblical concept of pride as sin. We question the effectiveness of critical or mocking social media posts about LGBTQ pride, urging listeners to consider whether such content aligns with Ephesians 4:29. Through self-reflection and communication that fosters humility, kindness, and grace, we aim to build others up and offer grace to all who hear. 


(00:16) Navigating Theology and Communication

(11:08) Navigating LGBTQ Conversations Online

(23:54) Reconsidering Messaging

(33:37) Promoting Humility and Grace

Join us weekly as we strive help people embrace God’s standard for sexuality! 

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