Calibrate Conversations
Calibrate Conversations
The Controversy Around the Billy Graham Rule

Listen in as we explore the sensitive and controversial topic of the Billy Graham Rule, a principle where men, particularly in Christian circles, avoid spending time alone with women who are not their wives. The conversation unpacks the heated debate sparked by a tweet about the rule’s negative implications for women, discussing feelings of degradation and limitation in both professional and personal realms. We also address the necessity of boundaries and the challenge of maintaining meaningful interactions across genders, reflecting on the rule’s origin as a protective measure for Billy Graham and its modern-day application. As we navigate this complex subject, we invite listeners to consider the nuanced aspects of creating safe yet inclusive spaces within Christian ethics and relationships.

This candid discussion is essential listening for anyone seeking wisdom in their interactions with the opposite sex. We lay out foundational principles of respect, protection, and avoiding assumptions that can enlighten your approach to setting boundaries. Illuminating personal anecdotes and scriptural references, including the oft-quoted 1 Thessalonians 5:22, contribute to a rich tapestry of insights into how we can battle lust through restoration and cultivate edifying friendships. Church leaders, ministry workers, and anyone invested in the health of Christian communities will find value in our exploration of these sensitive yet critical topics.

Join us as we offer a fresh lens through which to view the very real challenges of maintaining integrity and compassion in our relational lives. Join us weekly as we strive help people embrace God’s standard for sexuality!


(00:16) – Exploring Boundaries in Ministerial Relationships

(09:12) – Challenges With Billy Graham Rule

(16:32) – Principles of Restoration and Relationships

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