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Calibrate Conversations
Thinking Biblically About Sexuality w/ Greg Koukl

Join us for a profound conversation with Greg Koukl, the mind behind Stand To Reason, as we navigate the increasingly complex dialogue between faith, sexuality, and the cultural transformations that challenge Christian conversations today. As our societal landscape morphs, so too does the discourse around biblical sexual ethics, rendering Greg’s apologetic work more vital than ever. Our discussion moves from the respectful engagement in an era dominated by the dehumanizing effects of social media to the intricacies of gender dysphoria and the significant impact of recent legal decisions. 

This episode promises to equip believers with compassionate, yet firm strategies for holding meaningful conversations on some of today’s most sensitive issues.  The journey through gender identity and its spiritual and scientific dimensions proves to be both sensitive and enlightening. Unpacking the prevalence of gender dysphoria, particularly among adolescents, we tackle the controversy of social contagion and the politicization of science within the framework of faith. Greg brings to light the importance of understanding the binary nature of gender dysphoria against the backdrop of mental health challenges. Providing clarity in a time of confusion, our exchange seeks to highlight the spiritual narratives underpinning the current societal views on gender.  

Concluding this essential dialogue, we reflect on the Christian experience, including the church’s own pitfalls and the necessity for honesty in our sexual struggles. Greg sheds light on celibacy in gay relationships and the invaluable support provided by ministries like Calibrate for parents of LGBTQ children. By emphasizing the necessity of community and sharing resources freely, we aim to reinforce the importance of upholding God’s standards for sexuality. This episode is an invitation to join a conversation that holds space for encouragement, community building, and steadfast faith in Christ above all.


(00:16) – Cultural Shifts in Biblical Sexual Ethics

 (14:46) – Gender Dysphoria and Societal Influences

 (22:11) – Navigating Struggles in Christian Living

 (34:09) – Clarifying Biblical Stance on Homosexuality

 (42:20) – Ethical Perspectives on LGBTQ Relationships

 (57:41) – Community Building Through Free Resources

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