Calibrate Conversations
Calibrate Conversations
Was "Homosexuality" Added To The Bible In 1946?

Robby Lashua from Stand to Reason joins me to unravel the complex tapestry of apologetics and pastoral care, specifically as they relate to the deeply personal topic of biblical sexuality. With society bombarding us with conflicting messages about the nature of sexual relationships, Robby’s pastoral heart and apologetic acumen guide us through these murky waters. Our conversation ventures into the essential role of the church in offering not just a critique of contemporary sexual idolatry but a transformative vision of sexuality and marriage based on scriptural principles. As we traverse from the significance of godly intimacy to the pitfalls of past purity cultures, Robby’s insights shine a light on a path that leads away from personal gratification and towards divine purpose.

Wrestling with tough societal questions isn’t just for adults; it starts at home with our children. Facing the challenge head-on, we discuss the imperative of nurturing candid discussions about sex within Christian families from an early age. By equipping our children with an understanding of sexuality that aligns with the Bible, we prepare them to counteract harmful cultural narratives. This episode strips back the layers of silence often shrouding this topic in the church, highlighting the role of parents as discipleship guides in shaping young minds, particularly young men, with a healthier, biblically-grounded perspective.

As we navigate the choppy seas of biblical interpretation regarding homosexuality, particularly in light of the upcoming film “1946,” Robby assists in dissecting original Greek terms and the variations in scripture translations like the ESV and NASB. We also reflect on Pope Francis’s remarks on same-sex unions and the implications these hold for Catholic theology, emphasizing the importance of a scriptural foundation. Join us for this deeply compassionate and honest conversation, and discover resources to support upholding a biblical standard of sexuality.


(0:00:16) – Understanding God’s Purpose for Sexuality

(0:10:07) – Sexuality and Parenting in Church

(0:17:55) – Navigating Sexuality Conversations With Kids

(0:22:20) – Interpreting Biblical Views on Homosexuality

(0:39:36) – God’s Purpose for Marriage and Sex

(0:43:57) – Dangers of Preaching Biblical Sexuality

(0:48:20) – Catholic Church and Same-Sex Blessings

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