Calibrate Conversations
Calibrate Conversations
What Is The QUEEN JAMES BIBLE Version?

Listen in as we explore the intriguing and controversial Queen James Bible, a revision of the classic King James Version that has sparked conversation due to its altered passages on homosexuality. Unearth the reasons behind its name and how King James I’s efforts to make the Bible accessible in English have been both celebrated and critiqued.

In our thoughtful analysis, we tackle the complexities of scriptural interpretation, specifically focusing on the verses from Leviticus and Romans that have traditionally been cited in discussions about homosexuality. The Queen James Bible suggests these passages may not condemn same-sex relationships but rather idolatrous practices associated with ancient rites. Are the makers of the Queen James Version correct?

Join us weekly as we strive help people embrace God’s standard for sexuality!


(00:16) – Queen James Bible

(16:26) – Interpretation of Biblical Passages on Homosexuality

(24:06) – Interpreting Bible Passages that deal with sexuality

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