New Year, New Name, Exciting Times

When I started Freedom Mission International over 5 years ago, there were so many areas of ministry that God had put on my heart. Helping people struggle with sexuality issues, college ministry, and raising awareness of human trafficking. Sometimes I am still in disbelief from some of the opportunities God has blessed me with to proclaim the good news of the Gospel. From launching ministries on 9 college campuses, to rescuing women from brothels in Mexico, to serving an orphanage in South Africa, it has been such a joy to be a part of the Lords redemptive work in so many places around the world.

As you probably know, over the years the Lord refined that vision to focus on sexuality issues. I don’t believe that there is any greater issue facing the church today, and it must be addressed with urgency. The church has not always done a good job of applying the Gospel to this area of our lives, or loving fellow image-bearers of God who are part of the LGBT community with love and compassion. But, I see churches and ministries everywhere who have a heart for these people, who are hungry for resources and to be equipped. It’s because they see so many people who are broken, hurting, and need the Gospel in the darkest areas of their lives. It is an issue that the church cannot continue to ignore. I meet these hurting people every week. This fall I spoke at University of Colorado. At the conclusion of my talk a student named Alex came up to me, with tears in his eyes, hugged me and said, “I have struggled with same-sex attraction my entire life, and now I know there is hope, and I’m forgiven.”

Just last month I spoke at University of New Mexico at Master Plan Ministries. The audience was a mix of LGBT students and Christian students. I was able to share my story, along with God’s desire for everyone to have repentance and transformation in their sexuality. My message is so politically incorrect, that people hate me for it. But that night, God softened the hearts of several students there. The next day I was able to do a training session with the Master Plan staff on how to minister to members of the LGBT community. They have now been meeting with those students who heard my story, sharing the Gospel with them, caring for them, and teaching them what it would look like to surrender their lives to the Lord. One of them, Luis, stated, “I have never heard anything like the message that Brady shared. It was shocking. I have never had a genuine Christian talk to me.” He continues to meet with the ministry staff at UNM, and they have been equipped to minister to him.

Over the last year, while in seminary, the Lord renewed my passion for the LGBT community, and gave me such an incredible vision for what it’s going to look like to continue to equip the church. The world is full of men and woman like Alex and Nate. They need to know that there is hope in Christ, forgiveness from our Savior, and they need to the church to be equipped to apply the truth of the Gospel to their lives. To help them trade the lies that society—and ultimately the enemy—has fed them, and trade those lives for God’s truths.

As part of that vision, the board of directors of Freedom Mission International has voted to change our name to Calibrate Ministries. The definition of calibrate is: to set something to a standard. That is what my ministry is called with sexuality in our culture, our churches, and our lives. Set it to a standard. That standard is God’s word. And Calibrate Ministries is here to equip the church to do that. Our future is filled with speaking, equipping, writing, and training. We need to start a New Conversation about how we handle sexuality—and reset it to the standard of God’s word. There is so much work to do. But, I believe in it so much. My life has been transformed by the Lord, as he has set me free from the sin that had enslaved me. I don’t believe that there is any ministry that is more important to our Church, culture, and the world in this day we live in.

I’m excited for this journey that the Lord has me on in this ministry. Will you join me in that journey? My three constant goals for life in ministry are to be spiritually healthy, vision driven, and fully funded. By God’s grace, my board of directors and I believe that the first two have been provided. Would you help us be fully funded, so that we can continue to fulfil the vision that God has lead us to?

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  1. Cheryln wahlgren

    So exciting Bradyvto see your message & ministry “honed!”Thank uou

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